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    Riverbed Assortment Plant Pack - 30 gallon

    That Fish Place - That Pet Place

    Item # 234090 / Manufacturer Part # 234090

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    Our Plant Packages have been specially designed by our aquatic staff to provide you with an assortment of plants perfect for specific water conditions or to replicate an environment. You can use these plants to supplement your planted aquarium or as a starting point for getting your underwater garden started off in style! These plants all complement each other and have similar care so its easy to make the whole aquarium look fantastic!

    The Riverbed Assortment is composed of plants that might mimic a pristine lake or riverbottom. The various heights and textures of the swords and other plants will fill in the tank providing a natural environment for freshwater fish to be comfortable and active. The plants is this assortment will require medium to high light, moderate pH, and temperatures ranging from low 70's to the mid 80's. They will need minimal maintenance and supplementation.

    Please note, if you delete a component of a pack or kit, the entire kit will be removed from your cart. Discount is only available when items are purchased in full kits.

    The 30 gallon Riverbed Assortment Plant Pack contains the following:

  • 1 - Red rubin
  • 1 - Ruffled Sword
  • 5 - Subulata
  • 1 - Hornwort
  • 2 - Crypt petchii
  • 1 - Anubias congensis
  • 2 - Aquarium Lily
  • 2 - Crypt spiralis
  • 1 - Java Moss
  • 1 - Wisteria
  • 1 - Crispus
  • 2 - Rotala


    Due to state restrictions, this plant pack cannot be shipped to Maine or Minnesota.

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