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    Single CO2 Controller for Paint Ball Containers


    Item # 239899 / Manufacturer Part # 10174

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    Affordable CO2 paintball regulator is ideal for planted aquariums. The single gauge pressure indicator is easy to read, while an industrial-grade precision needle valve provides the accuracy you demand.

    Average Rating

    Works like a charm!! Awesome product. 10/12/2013

    Reviewer: Syed Ahmed

    Just received this in the mail today and set it up. I tested it by placing into the water and there was zero leakage or bubbles which is perfect. Turned the regulator on and was able to control the amount of bubbles needed per second. Overall this is perfect co2 regulator what I looking for. Plus, it only cost me 3.99 to refill my canisters for co2. Thanks so much for great price!!!! Worth it . Best buy who dont want to spend crazy dollars for a regulator.

    Better than DYI 1/31/2013

    Reviewer: Aquatic Plant Grower

    Valve is tricky but once you dail it in it works like a charm. Attached to a 20oz paint ball tank. Over a month with a 2 bps rate and the tank is still showing 400 PSI. Make sure you put an oring before attaching to tank.

    needs refinement 1/6/2013

    Reviewer: Jeff Harper

    This regulator is ok as it doesn't leak. It reads accurately. But adjustments are a nightmare of epic failure. It is more of an off/on valve than any kind of regulator. /steady Co2 wide open/10 bubbles per second or off are the 3 choices with this regulator.

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