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    Surface Skimmer

    Koller Craft

    Item # 215642 / Manufacturer Part # 1138

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    Oily dissolved organics affect appearance and water quality of aquariums. The surface skimmer removes these organics through a 360-degree Intake Float and flow control valve. A secure suction-cup unit holder and a flexible hose allow for versatile placement options in your aquarium.

    Average Rating

    Surface Skimmer 1/31/2015

    Reviewer: Mike S

    This product is great and it was way to easy to hook up to my magnum H.O.T. canister filter. I really expected some retrofitting on my end to make it work. Very pleased with this product.

    d.d.o. 9/10/2014

    Reviewer: darren d olander

    Seems to work well, but may work better with a more powerful filter or fine tuned/ modified (seems to cut my h.o.b. filter power in half). I also want to figure out a way to attach a sponge prefilter to the lower intake. all Iin all, well worth asking price.

    Recommended for Fresh Water tank. 8/2/2014

    Reviewer: Bill

    Works great. Connected to a Magnum 350 Canister, it cleaned the surface of my 90g plant tank in about 30 minutes. That Pet Place had it for half the price of anyone else.

    Verry happy with this skimmer! 1/9/2013

    Reviewer: Slava M.

    I had a surface film since cycling began and had to run an air stone 24/7 to get rid of it. This skimmer is a wonder! In less than 15 min film on my 90 gal tank was gone and the surface is crystal clear now. I hooked it up into Rena XP3 (API Filstar XP-L). Had to heat up the tube with hair dryer in order to make it fit. Highly recommended!