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    Sybon Digital Submersible Thermometer - Freshwater


    Item # 251264 / Manufacturer Part # sdst-100071

    Was $12.19
    Now $10.96
    Precision accuracy and an easy-to-read display make the Sybon Digital Submersible Thermometer the one you want. Thermometer is accurate down to plus or minus one half degree and can sense temps from 32 to 176 degrees F. The display tells you temperatures to one-tenth of a degree.

    Includes: (1) transparent suction cup for mounting to glass or a smooth surface in your tank and (2) 1.5v cell batteries (one for spare)
    Directions of Use: Open screw cap, insert cell with '+' sign facing outward. Make sure rubber seal ring is on screw neck. Screw till cap is snug tight. Do not immerse thermometer into water until screw cap is closed. Cap should be close all times except when replacing cell battery. Press suction cup down firmly to adhere thermometer onto smooth surface where desired.

    Average Rating

    way off 9/15/2014

    Reviewer: Dan R.

    At 80deg it reads 115deg

    $10.00 and it died to soon 7/29/2014

    Reviewer: JCM

    PRO = nice design, reads temperature very quickly and accurately CONS =Bought this back in Dec 2013 and it died already in 7/28/2014. Tried to replace battery and display stopped working. Not very happy and now a new DIFFERENT brand must be bought... >:(. I only gave two stars because I liked the design and read out...

    quick read 5/22/2013

    Reviewer: Marie

    reads temp changes quickly, easy to read, have had it only for a few weeks, so far I like it

    simple solution 7/13/2012

    Reviewer: Bill

    bought 2 of these for freshwater tanks. easy install and operation however after 6 months only one still works. jury is still out

    Good cheap electronic thermometer 3/8/2012

    Reviewer: Mark

    Had this running for about 3 months and its pretty accurate. Numbers are big enough to check the temp at a glance and non obtrusive to view your fish.

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