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    Sybon Digital Submersible Thermometer - Marine


    Item # 251263 / Manufacturer Part # sdst-100061

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    Precision accuracy and an easy-to-read display make the Sybon Digital Submersible Thermometer the one you want. Thermometer is accurate down to plus or minus one half degree and can sense temps from 32 to 176 degrees F. The display tells you temperatures to one-tenth of a degree.

    Includes: (1) transparent suction cup for mounting to glass or a smooth surface in your tank and (2) 1.5v cell batteries (one for spare)
    Directions of Use: Open screw cap, insert cell with '+' sign facing outward. Make sure rubber seal ring is on screw neck. Screw till cap is snug tight. Do not immerse thermometer into water until screw cap is closed. Cap should be close all times except when replacing cell battery. Press suction cup down firmly to adhere thermometer onto smooth surface where desired.

    Average Rating


    Reviewer: Camilo Quelquejeu

    I purchased Six ( 6 ) Marine versions of the SYBON Digital Thermometers, and to check their accuracy placed all of them in the same tank. UnBelievable ! Would you believe that I received six totally different readings ? And some of them were as far as eight degrees apart. Apparently Digital does not guarantee accuracy ? And on top of this , totally dependent on a battery, that will die immediately if it gets as much as a drop of Salt Water. Better to go back to your J&R Magnetic Thermometers.

    Pathetic excuse for a thermometer!! 2/18/2015

    Reviewer: Flaming mad

    Started to give false readings after 3 weeks of use! Absolute junk!


    Reviewer: not happy

    I bought 2 of these. The first stopped working in a month changed batteries and it still didn't work. The second workid for about 2 months and then started reading over 10 degrees difference. 

    So far 10/9/2013

    Reviewer: John Pumill

    So good. Both appear to be working and relatively accurate.


    Reviewer: phillip.raffle@verizon.net

    Purchased 12/19/2012 Worked fine till Eight months later changed the batteries still gives false readings! One day could be 76 next day 74 next day 78. Bought it because it was a scientific thermometer? Their phone number on package is a car dealership in Maryland!

    Not so good 6/17/2013

    Reviewer: Salt aquarium

    I have one in my tank for about 4 months and the display stopped working.

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