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    Sybon Refractometer with Automatic Temperature Compensation


    Item # 199289 / Manufacturer Part # sr-041

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    For the most precise measurement of salinity, the experts use a Refractometer. This high-tech instrument is used to measure salinity when perfect conditions are needed for breeding, or keeping very delicate corals. This easy-to-use and read device will allow you to keep track of your tank's salinity fluctuations. This instrument also features ATC, automatic temperature compensation that will allow the Refractometer to gauge an accurate measurement in a range of temperatures. Simply look through the eyepiece to measure. Complete instructions included.
    Unit is 8 in. long x 1 in. diameter.

    Average Rating

    Should have bought sooner 4/16/2014

    Reviewer: Laurie Ryan

    Had a hydrometer which started to stick. Lost my mudskipper because it under read the salinity. I checked my other brackish tanks with the hydrometer. Was shocked at the different numbers. Will always use the refractometer now. Easy to use, easy to calibrate.

    Unreliable 1/14/2014

    Reviewer: KH

    Inconsistent with its readings and sometimes will not read at all. Found that the warranty is not worth the paper that it is written on.

    Definitely a keeper! 12/16/2013

    Reviewer: Charlie Basile

    I'm old school - hygrometer and all. Picked up one of these and works like a charm. Accurate, no guessing at the reading and all at a great price.

    A must have for any salt water aquarium 2/5/2013

    Reviewer: ReefKeeperBill

    I have been keeping salt water aquariums for over 20 years and used to rely on inexpensive hydrometers for maintaining the salinity. I could never keep anything more than fish and snails alive for very long. About a year ago I switched to using this refractometer and was horrified when I compared the salinity readings of the cheap hydrometers. It was a huge difference! Now that I've been using this highly accurate refractometer and maintaining proper salinity levels in my aquarium, I've been able to keep beautiful corals and inverts without any problems for a year and they're still thriving today! Just make sure to check the calibration of the refractometer regularly to make sure that it doesn't need adjustment, which is very easy to do.

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