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    API Tap Water Conditioner - 4 oz.


    Item # 199514 / Manufacturer Part # 52B

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    Tap water conditioner removes chlorine, breaks the chloramine bond and instantly detoxifies heavy metals, such as copper, lead and zinc. Use it when setting up a new aquarium, changing water, adding water to aquarium.

    Treats 2,400 gallons of water.
    Package Size4 oz.
    Treats up to1888 gal.
    To remove chlorine and detroxify heavy metals: Add 1 drop for each U.S. gallon or 1/4 tsp. per 20 U.S. gallons of aquarium water. To detoxify chloramines: Add 3 drops per U.S. gallons or 3/4 tsp. per 20 U.S. gallons.
    Ingredients: sodium thiosulfate, EDTA tetrasodium salt.

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