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    Terrarium Moss - 5 gal.

    Zoo Med

    Item # 204530 / Manufacturer Part # CF2-S

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    All Natural Terrarium Moss is ideal for frogs, salamanders, toads, green snakes, and all moss-environment species.
    For 5 gallon terrariums.
    New Moss: Open package and place moss in a clean bucket full of water. Squeeze moss and allow it to absorb water. Remove moss from water and wring out only leaving 15-20% moisture in moss. Place in terrarium around a low shallow water dish and build moss around the edges of the dish so your animals can easily get in and out of the water. To prevent possible drowning of smaller animals put a sponge or piece of driftwood in the water dish.
    Cleaning: Remove moss from terrarium and place in a bucket of water. Swirl moss around in water then remove and wring out as dry as possible. Repeat this with new water 2-3 times. Your terrarium moss should last at least 3-4 cleanings before it should be replaced with new moss.
    100 percent all natural sphagnum moss with no dyes.

    Average Rating

    Moss 12/18/2012

    Reviewer: Ryan

    this is a great product for decorating i used it in my 20 gallon turtle tank on his viquarium

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