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That Groom Room
237 Centerville Road
Suite A

Lancaster PA 17603
(717) 484-9758




Salon Hours:
Mon. – Tues. 9am – 5pm
Weds. – Thurs. 9am – 7pm
Fri. – Sat. 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm


That Groom Room - Quality Pet Grooming In Lancaster, PA

That Groom Room is Lancaster, PA's source for a Pet Groomer. Bring your dog in for a bath, nail trim, clipping or more. Each full-service groom package is designed with your pet's specific breed in mind.


Never been to a dog groomer before? Our three groomers bring years of experience and a love of animals to the grooming table. Rachel, Susan & Nicole will work with you and your pet to ensure a stress-free experience with each visit.


Grooming packages are available to fit any pet – look below for a list of services and prices. Not finding what you're looking for? That Groom Room will adapt a pet grooming package to your pet's needs.


That Groom Room is conveniently located in inside That Fish Place – That Pet Place in Lancaster, PA. Bring your pet in and shop while you wait. Setup your next That Groom Room pet grooming online! Simply click on the 'Book an Appointment' Link.


We require pets to be current on their rabies vaccination. Please bring your pet's rabies vaccination paperwork with you to their first grooming appointment.

Book an appointment today! By Appointment-Plus
We require pets to be
current on their rabies vaccination.
Please bring your pet's rabies vaccination
paperwork with you to their first
grooming appointment.

That Groom Room is now hiring an experienced Pet Groomer!
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A Full Groom at That Groom Room includes:
Bathing, Brush Out, Paw & Nail Trimming, Blow Dry, Feet Shaped & Trimmed, Sanitary Clip,
Ear Cleaning (Ear Plucking done only at owner's request), Face Scissored, Full Body Clip & Style.


Airedale Terrier $50 Dachshund (Long Hair) $39 Old English Sheepdog $62
American Eskimo $45 Doberman $30 Pappillon $39
American Pit Bull $31 English Setter $48 Pekingese $41
Australian Shepherd $49
Basset Hound $28 English Springer Spaniel $45 Pomeranian $41
Beagle $25 Fox Terrier (Wired Hair) $43 Poodle (Toy) $40
Bearded Collie $58 German Shepherd $45 Poodle(Mini) $43
Belgian Tervuren $50 Goldendoodle $60 Poodle(Standard) $57
Bernese Mountain Dog $60 Golden Retriever $50 Portuguese Water Dog $50
Bichon Frise $43 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog $50 Pug $26
Border Collie $47 Greyhound $29 Rottweiler $43
Boston Terrier $25 Havanese $41 Schnoodle $41
Boxer $31 Irish Setter $49 St. Bernard $73
Brittany $45 Jack Russell (Short Hair) $24 Samoyed $73
Brussels Griffon $41 Jack Russell (Wire Hair) $34 Scottish Terrier $41
Bulldog $29 Keeshond $65 Sheltie $45
Cairn Terrier $41 Labradoodle $55 Siberian Husky $45
Cav. King Charles $41 Labrador Retriever $36 Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier $46
Chihuahua (Short Hair) $23 Lhasa Apso $43 Shih Tzu $41
Chihuahua (Long Hair) $34 Malamute $52 Weimaraner $30
Chow Chow $62 Maltese $40 Westie $41
Cockapoo, Chasapoo, Shih-Poo $45 Mini Schnauzer $43 Yorkie $41
Cocker Spaniel $49 Standard Schnauzer $47 Yorkipoo, Morkie, Maltipoo $41
Collie $68 Newfoundland $73
Corgi $36 Norwegian Elhound $45
Dachschund $24 Norwich Terrier $41
If your breed is not listed, please call That Groom Room for pricing.
Add-On Services Available
Special Shampoos - $6   Teeth Brushing - $6 Anal Gland Expression - $6
Conditioner - $6 Nail Painting - $8  
Flea Bath Treatments
Small Dogs (+22 lbs.) - $23 Medium Dogs (23-44 lbs.) - $25   Large Dogs (45-88 lbs.) - $28  
Extra Large Dogs - $31    
A La Carte Services
Nail Cutting - $10   Furminator Brush - $10 to $20   Tangling Dematting - $15  
Nail Grinding - $15   Mud Bath Renewal Treatment - $20  
Partial Grooming Services Available