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    Trap Em Bristleworm Trap


    Item # 209567 / Manufacturer Part # 08129

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    Don't let Bristle worms eat your prize specimens, Trap 'Em with Coralife's trapping and removal system for your reef aquarium. Bristleworms are nocturnal, reclusive animals that hide in rocks during the day, but come out at night to feed on YOUR precious corals. By placing a small amount of bait (plankton) in the Trap 'Em and placing it in your aquarium at night wherever Bristleworms seem most active, you can safely and easily remove these pests. Comes with a sample of Freeze Dried Plankton.
    1. Separate the two main bodies of the Trap'Em by pulling them completely apart. Remove bait cap.
    2. Place a small piece of plankton or krill inside bait compartment and insert bait cap. Note: DO NOT block the holes in the bait compartment or bait cap. These holes allow scene and water to flow through the unit.
    3. Fully extend unit and place in a horizontal position. Place where bristleworms are most active. Note: ALWAYS remove unit from aquarium in the morning to prevent uneaten food from spoiling. Use caution when disposing of bristleworms, as they have bristles on both sides of their body that can inflict a painful sting.

    Average Rating

    Bristle worm trap 5/28/2014

    Reviewer: Bearbulbs

    Its poorly made gets small worms but cant catch big one's . not enough bait with the order...

    Trap em Bristleworm Trap 5/14/2013

    Reviewer: Steve Jamrisko

    Great product! Worked just as advertised.