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    Ultimate - 16 oz.


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    Fully-functional water conditioner instantly "ages" aquarium water to make it ideal for aquarium fish. Powerful formula takes out chloramines, chlorine, ammonia, detoxifies nitrite, detoxifies all heavy metals including copper, adds electrolytes, replaces slime coat and raises water alkalinity. Safe for all humans, pets and aquatic life.
    Package Size16 oz.
    Treats up to960 gal.
    Directions For Use:

    To fully condition water for (1) new aquariums or ponds (2) after or during water additions, or (3) before adding new fishes, amphibians, invertebrates or plants, add 1 teaspoonful (5 mL) of Ultimate per 10 gallons of water. For larger applications use the following dosage: 1 oz. per 60 gallons of water.

    Recommendations: Perform regular water changes to keep the alkalinity (acid-nuetralizing capacity) and pH stable. Use Ultimate as needed to eliminate and control ammonia at the regular dosage rate for each 1 mg/L, or fraction therefore of measured total ammonia or for each 0.85 mg/L of measured total ammonia-nitrogen. Use a salicylate (indolphenol) type total ammonia test kit. For dissolved-oxygen (DO) testing use either a DO meter or an indigocarmine test. May be used at the regular dosage to stop or destroy permanganate treatments.

    Contraindications: Do not use with permanganate-based or chlorite-based treatments. Nessler's total ammonia test will give false, high (or off scale) readings. Winkler dissolved oxygen tests will give false, low (or zero) readings.
    ClorAm-X, electrolytes, buffers and a proprietary, polymer formula in aqueoussolution.

    Average Rating

    Water treatment 3/9/2014

    Reviewer: Barbara P

    That pet place, is an exelent place to to get all your water treatment needs. They have a large list of products to choose from, and I like the prices.

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