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    Replace all the nutrients your fish are missing with Vita-Chem. This concentrated formula is designed especially for fish, and contains over 30 vitamins and minerals in a form your fish can absorb. The powerful liquid increases breeding potential, restores appetites, increases disease resistance, promotes intense coloration, and most importantly: allows your fish to thrive! Also contains special ingredients for fin regeneration and lateral line disease prevention. Available in freshwater or marine formulas.

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    good for a supplement on food 2/23/2015

    Reviewer: Sarah

    I used this for my puffer. Its good for extra vitamins he might not get from live, frozen, and homemade gel food.

    Vita Chem Freshwater 2/4/2014

    Reviewer: E.T. Gmerek

    I have been involved in breeding and raising tropical fish for over seventy years and this product is now a disappointment. Used this many years ago and it WAS a miracle worker. Formula changed from a clear liquid to a 'milky' one and where I used it to increase appetite of small fry and reduce disease in large breeding tanks, I no longer see the results it used to produce. Called manufacturer Boyd and they admitted to changing ingredients. This no longer produces the immediate increase in appetite it once did in my large schools of small fry.

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