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    VorTech ES/wES Propeller Pumps

    EcoTech Marine

    Starting at: $235.00

    Create gentle flows for your reef with the small and powerful VorTech MP ES Pumps! Ideal for tanks from 2.5 to 1000+ gallons at flow rates from 200 to 7500 gph. Broad flow helps reduce dead spots in your tank for even heating and nutrient distribution and to mimic natural undertow. All of your reef critters will get fed and detritus will be flushed into your filter for removal. Extremely energy efficient external mounted motor saves you money compared to comparable pumps. Transmits less heat into your aquarium. Less heat in your tank means less money will be spent heating and cooling your tank. Features 11 operational modes.

    Average Rating

    VorTech MP40wES 2/7/2013

    Reviewer: vince schulz

    Just instaled the MP40wES in my 90 gal reef tank. This pump is awesome. Versatility of this pump is what makes it unique. Other reviews I have read stated the pump was noisey, that really isn't the case. If you take the time to make certain it is lined up properly, it is very quiet. You can easily reajust it if you don't get it right the first time. By adding this one pump,I was able to elliminate 5 powerheads, wow! I have my pump set at the reef crest mode with the volume on high. This mode gives me soft current that builds to a strong current with a wonderful undertow across the bottom. As much as I like this system so far. I still think it is way over priced. If the wireless aspect of this pump intrigues you, it is only wireless if you purchase a second pump and use them in tandem,otherwise, it is not wireless. Hopefully this pump lasts 20 years so I can justify the price.

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