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    Vortex Diatom Filter Powder


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    Vortex Diatom Powder is a specially selected grade of washed diatomaceous earth for use specifically in Diatom Filters. Easy to follow directions for initial application, backflushing and recharging.

    Average Rating

    Diatom filtration 2/9/2013

    Reviewer: John P

    I swear by diatom filters. I love the results, I just wish they would get the DE back in stock.

    One of a KIND AMAZING Filter Media 4/27/2012

    Reviewer: Peter Suslock

    Diatomaceous Earth or DE is the only filter media that can filter out pathogens as small as one micron. This means it can even remove parasites such as ich. A Diatom is a fossilized micro organism from millions of years ago. These tiny fossils are pulverized into an extremely fine powder. When the powder attaches itself to the filter bag of a Vortex Diatom filter it creates such a fine strain that an particulate matter down to one micron in size is removed. This is why water that has been polished with DE looks so amazingly crystal clear and pristine. In fact, if you turn off your aeration it looks exactly like your fish are suspended in mid air. The water is that crystal clear. DE can remove algae blooms, murky water and hazy water from new tank syndrome - all in a few hours. If you want that something extra - water that's so clear it's almost surreal, buy a Diatom filter by Vortex and simply add a charge of DE. One cup for the D1 model and three cups for XL. You'll get a level of water clarity you just won't believe. 5 Fins Up!

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