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    Wardley Shrimp Pellets


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    Treat your bottom-feeders to delectable shrimp with Wardley Shrimp Pellets. These handy pellets are formulated from a nutritious blend of ingredients including shrimp, to provide excellent feeding for your catfish, plecostomus and loaches, as well as larger fish due to its pellet size. Simply place a few pellets on the surface, and they will gradually soften and sink to the bottom.

    Average Rating

    Basic shrimp pellets 4/27/2014

    Reviewer: Samantha

    They're decent shrimp pellets. I used to have gold fish that would gobble these up before they had a chance to sink. One of them kept getting swim bladder as result. My corys did sift through them, but they made a horrible mess with them. Not my favorite at all.

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