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    Whisper 100 Aquarium Air Pump - Up to 100 gal.


    Item # 205908 / Manufacturer Part # 77855

    Was $19.99
    Now $19.99
    The new shape of silence. The Whisper Air patented dome shape and sound dampening chambers minimize turbulence and produce a smooth quiet stream of air. Wide footprint, rubber feet and suspended pump motor eliminate sound producing vibrations. Thick walls insulate motor noise. Powerful diaphragms provide ample airflow for deep water applications.

    The versatile pump can be used for several applications including powering undergravel and sponge filters, airstones, and air-driven ornaments.

    The Whisper 100 model has two outlets and is rated for aquariums up to 100 gallons.

    Using an air pump adds dissolved oxygen to your water, improving the overall health of your aquarium. For more information on aquarium aeration, please see our article on Air Pumps.
    Max Tank Size100 gal.
    Height3 in.
    Max Wattage4.8
    Power Cord Length6 ft.
    UL ListedNo
    Warranty2 year
    Length8 in.
    Width4.75 in.
    Click here to download the instruction manual from Tetra's website.

    Average Rating

    Good pumps 10/8/2015

    Reviewer: vetteracer

    I am running about 30 of these pumps right now and all of them are out in the open. I have none that are noticeably louder than any other pump I have used. The failure rate is 0% and some have been running for several years. Very pleased with them and will order more.

    Lives up to it's name 1/15/2015

    Reviewer: Joe

    This is a quiet high volume pump. I have 3 in use all the time with one running 6 stones. Plenty of air. I haven't had any of the problems being described by others. And the best part of all-when the diaphragms dry out, you can replace them!

    Too loud 11/3/2014

    Reviewer: John

    bought 2 units,powerful but too loud,

    Best Pump 4/29/2014

    Reviewer: Brian

    Best pump on the market. Ive tried many others and they fail after a short period of time. These just keep running with no problems. Not the most quiet but if its under the tank in a closed stand you cannot hear it.

    Not quite a whisper 4/2/2014

    Reviewer: Daniel

    I bought the Fusion Air Pump 600 at the same time as this one to compare the two. Both pump LOTS of air, but the Fusion is by far quieter than this one.

    great as a vacuum pump will purchase again 2/14/2014

    Reviewer: Lee

    Nothing mentioned anwhere but its noteworthy that you can reverse the valve inside... turns it into a vacuum pump and works great as such. Use it to pickup small electronic parts.

    Sorry to Say 1/12/2014

    Reviewer: Harry Stewart

    I have had aquariums all my life and used whisper pumps. This new design on the Whisper 100 looks good I guess but the plastic is not good. I have 2 identical pumps and one of the tips you plug the air hose onto broke off on both pumps. This makes them useless on one outlet. I have two air stones in aquarium and ended up using two pumps because the plastic tip broke off on one side of both pumps. Pumps are good but plastic case is bad. needs to be more of a rubber consistence those tips break off to easy.

    Great Pump 8/20/2013

    Reviewer: Jake Nolan

    I love this air pump, I have it on a 47 gallon bow front tank which is a little over kill lol. It works great and pumps exactly as the package says. It's been running constantly for about a year nowand I have no complaints. Some people complain that its too loud but I can't tell the difference between that and my canister filter running, its really not that bad as long as there's nothing touching the upper body to it. This really is a great product and I would recommend it to a friend.

    LOUD Pump 8/10/2013

    Reviewer: Jim

    It is just too loud, even in a cabinet behind a door. My 65 gallon tank is between my dinning & living rooms and I will have to replace this pump.

    works great! 6/17/2013

    Reviewer: Christian

    This pump has been excellent for me. It arrived very quickly and was well packed. everyone keeps saying how loud this pump is, but I'm not sure what they're comparing it to. for the amount of air this pump provides, it is extremely quiet. There is obviously, a noticeable sound due to the strength of the pump, and I certainly wouldn't place it in my bedroom, but if its in a large rooms where absolute silence isn't critical its fine. Obviously if there's nothing hung on the walls and bare floors without carpet it's going to be noisier and I wouldn't recommend it. If silence is critical this pump is powerful enough to be run remotely and pump air through 30 to 40 feet of tubing without any noticeable decrease in output. I am very pleased with my purchase thank you.

    Whisper pump 4/13/2013

    Reviewer: George

    Purchased one earlier and it works great, made a second purchase but its louder than first one. Both in separate enclosed stands for 55 gallon tanks. I would consider other pumps in future

    Great power. Little loader then expected 3/11/2013

    Reviewer: Micah

    This unit produces a lot of air but is a little loader then I figured. I can not imagine not having a closed cabinet. It is very load when the doors are open.

    Loud 2/11/2013

    Reviewer: Jim Ryan

    Lots of air pressure, but it's loud. Got a Fusion 600 at the same time I got this one. The Fusion is great - pressure is high, sound is low.

    Way too loud! 2/4/2013

    Reviewer: Jim

    Okay the new design, does look cool; however, who in the world looks at your aquarium pumps? No one, that's who. What they will notice that it's super powerful for air supply followed with a very loud vibrating sound. I had to go back to my old whisper pump cause it's silent.

    Loud 2/4/2013

    Reviewer: Jim

    Cool design, but no one looks at your pumps. It's powerful and really really loud. I have a 55 gallon and wanted to power a large bubble wand. It does that very well. But now when your 10 feet away all you hear is very loud vibration. You need to talk louder to overcome the noise. Back to the drawing board with this design. I went back to using my really old whisper pump.

    great 1/30/2013

    Reviewer: kchighball

    i have this on a 40g breeder and hooked up to two bubble wands extending 36 in , put a line to each end of it , and have a nice bubble wall all the way across my aquarium , and its very quiet , no noisier than my whisper 40 .

    Very Loud 10/3/2012

    Reviewer: Debbie

    Bought the 100 because in the past I had own whisper pumps and they were wonderful. This pump was noisy and I will not recommend Whisper pumps to anyone. Got a replacement thinking it might of been a defected one but that was loud too. I will give it 1/2 a star because it did work

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