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    Zoo Med Repti Bark - 8 qt. - 15-30 gal.

    Zoo Med

    Item # 204485 / Manufacturer Part # RB-8

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    All Natural Repti Bark is made from the bark of fir trees. Absorbent and Hygroscopic. This means it absorbs moisture and then releases it, creating humidity. The perfect substrate for humidity loving reptiles. Small pieces of substrate interlocks, preventing live food from hiding within the nooks and crannies. Conducts and evenly distributes heat. Allows natural digging and burrowing activity. Re-usable and super easy to maintain.
    8 quarts: Enough Repti Bark for a 15-30 gallon terrarium.
    Directions for use: Empty contents into your terrarium. Spread bedding over entire bottom of terrarium for a minimum 1 inch of depth.

    Cleaning: Spot clean bark as needed. Thoroughly clean bark if you smell an odor. To clean, remove bark and soak in a bucket of hot water with an added 5% solution of Zoo Med's Wipe Out 2. After 15 mins, pour hot water out and fill bucket again with only water. Swish bark around with your hand to rinse and dump water out. ALlow bark to partially dry out leaving only a small amount of moisture. Return bark to terrarium . Replace bark every 6 months or as needed.
    Contains: fir tree bark.

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