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Aqualight T5 HO Dual Lamp Light Fixture - 24 in.

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The Coralife 24" Aqualight High Output T5 Dual Lamp Fixtures offer significantly more light than conventional fluorescent systems. The fixtures include one 24W T5 HO 10,000K Daylight and one 24W T5 HO Actinic lamps to maximize coral and plant growth. HO T5 Lighting is an excellent choice to showcase the natural beauty of your saltwater, reef or freshwater aquarium.

These fixtures feature a low profile, contemporary design so it doesn't detract from the aquarium as a focal point. Adjustable width mounting legs help customize the fixture to fit your aquarium perfectly. Internal electronic ballast, and highly polished lamp reflector, provide energy efficient performance.

10,000K Daylight bulbs cast bright white rays and simulate the midday sun, while Actinic lamps provide blue light, with spectral peak at 420 nanometers. Actinic lamps promote photosynthesis and cause corals to fluoresce in beautiful glowing colors, and vibrant coloration in fishes. The Aqualight T5 HO light fixture is ideal for use with saltwater and coral reef aquariums.

Power Cord Length6 ft.
Warranty1 year
UL ListedNo
Length24 in.
Width5.2 in.
Height2 in.
Number of Bulbs2
Includes BallastYes
Includes BulbsYes
Max Wattage48
Requires Glass CanopyRecommended
Size of Bulbs24 in.
Type of BulbsT5 HO
Internal Id

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Low level lights (less the heat, nusiance algae, and electric bill)


Everyone tells you need 1-2 watts for fish and liverock, 3-4 for this, 5-8 watts for that, if you want coralline algae growth and mushroom corals to excel I've been using 1.2 watts in a nano ten gallon and thirty gallon half circle. It works just fine, less drama with heat, nusaince algae, pink coralline algae and mushroom corals thrive, spend you money on the best and largest skimmer you can afford from Reef Octopus (not kidding) great gear. Coralife makes high quality products at a low cost, they don't have dual power cords which would be nice for morning and evening using just Actinic 03. There luner lights do but with the assoicated problems.

Great lights


Purchased 3 sets for 180 gal reef tank. Love that they have adjustable legs and sit on top of the tank and can easily be moved when needed to access the tank. Nice and neat! The lighting is perfect without the heat! Took out the metal halides. Everything is doing just fine in the tank.