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Triple Red Cockatoo Cichlid - Apistogramma cacatuoides

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The Triple Red Cockatoo Cichlid is a dwarf cichlid native to Peru. These fish have rather understated color in the wild, but have been selectively bred over the years to produce brightly colored specimens like "Triple Red". Males of this variant are tan and gold with brown spots and intense red-orange speckling in the dorsal fin and tail.

Apistos are generally peaceful except when spawning. It is best to keep a pair, and as long as there is plenty of room, any other docile tankmates are fine. Provide the couple with a cave area and soft, dark substrate for spawning. Plants make great cover, as well. Feed them a varied omnivore diet of brine shrimp, various larvae and worms, and flake, small pellet, and vegetable matter like spirulina.


Common NameTriple Red Cockatoo Cichlid
Scientific NameApistogramma cacatouides
OriginSouth America
Max Size (in inches)3.5
Community SafeYes
pH Range6.0-7.5
Min Tank Size (in gallons)30
Temperature Range76-82

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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