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Black Ghost Knife - Apteronotus albifrons - Small

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This is a Restricted item and is not covered by our Arrive Alive 14-Day Guarantee.Please see our Guarantee Policy and Restricted Species List for more information.

Black Ghost Knifefish are very unique and interesting fish. Knifefish have the ability to produce a weak electrical current that they use for navigation and hunting. These fish are black in color, and have an anal fin that extends almost the entire length of the body. The tail is small and thin, and there is no dorsal fin. As their name suggests, knife fish are knife-shaped.

They are slow, graceful swimmers. Choose tankmates that are not nippy or inclined to chase the fish as it will not be able to swim quickly enough to get away. Even though they are peaceful fish it is not recommended that you keep them with smaller fish, as the knife will sometimes harass them.

Be sure to provide a cave or tube that allows the knife to hide. They are secretive fish and will become stressed if unable to find a secure hiding place. They are sensitive to poor water quality, and so require excellent filtration and regular aquarium maintenance.


L90 0022 0404
That Fish Place
Common NameBlack Ghost Knife - Small
Scientific NameApteronotus albifrons
OriginSouth America
Max Size (in inches)20
Community SafeYes
pH Range6.0-8.0
Min Tank Size (in gallons)100
Temperature Range72-80
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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Black kinfe with others spices


I have a goust her or he lives in. the same tank with my molly .platy.grimie.angle.big gold fish.redtailshark.cradfish.loush.poitios and ther doing grate may

Great Friendly Fish


Knife fish are my favorite fish. My knife fish, Slice, was with us for 3 years before he accidentally got sick from infected feeder guppies I tried to give him as a snack last week. He got along great with my cories and other community fish, and had a great personality. He recognized me as his owner and would come out when i got near the tank. He also liked to play with my cat by fluttering around and then darting away repeatedly while the cat watched. He loved eating ghost shrimp and sharing the cories shrimp pellets. They are very prone to disease though, and it's sad if you get attached and then they die.