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Atlantic Bigeye - Priacanthus arenatus - Large

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The Atlantic Bigeye (Priacanthus arenatus) is an unusual fish related to Squirrelfish and Catalufas. It is sometimes called a Big-eye Catalufa although its body is much longer than most true Catalufas. It is red with a very subtle pattern that becomes more noticeable when the fish is stressed. By far, its most notable feature is its very large eyes that help it navigate in the dark and mark it as a nocturnal fish. 

These fish are predators and should be given a varied diet of meaty foods. They grow fairly large and need plenty of tank space to hide. It is best to be kept in a tank free from sharp edges on the rocks or ornaments since its large, bulging eyes may become damaged more easily than many other fish. Do not keep with very small tankmates or with crustaceans like shrimp that may be eaten. 
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Common NameAtlantic Bigeye
Scientific NamePriacanthus arenatus
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