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Ultra Australomussa - Australomussa rowleyensis - Large

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Australomussa is a fairly new coral to the aquarium trade and is most closely related to, sometimes confused with, and may even be synonymous with Scolymia vitiensis. Australomussa colonies tend to have multiple centers however, while S. vitiensis usually (but not always) have one center.

Since Australomussa is still fairly new and undescribed in the aquarium trade, most of its care is still based on what is observed in relation to other similar corals. Its care, requirements and even identification may change as more is learned about the.

These corals are variable in color and shape, but they typically form somewhat flat, plate-like growth. They may be solid green or red, and in some rare cases solid orange in color, or they may be multicolored with a different color in the center or a striped or mottled pattern.

These corals are hardy and undemanding. They can be placed in low to moderate flow areas of the tank, and require moderate lighting. Handle them with care so the toothy skeleton does not damage the soft flesh.


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Common NameUltra Australomussa - Lg
Scientific NameAustralomussa rowleyensis
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Puerto Rico


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