Frogmouth Catfish - Chaca chaca

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The Frogmouth Catfish (Chaca chaca, often referred to by simply "Chaca") is one of the most unusual fish available! This fish looks like a rock or log as it lays on (or in) the substrate. It has a mottled brown body with a flattened, square-shaped head. Its eyes are on top of its head and its mouth extends the entire width of its face.

These fish are ambush predators, meaning they will wait in one spot for their next meal to swim by before attacking the prey. They do not usually bother larger fish, but any fish that is smaller than the Chaca itself may be eaten. Otherwise, they are usually compatible with larger community fish.

The Chaca needs a soft substrate to burrow into as it waits for its meal and to hide from predators. Lots of open bottom area should be provided. Feed the Chaca a variety of meaty foods like worms, shrimp, krill, silversides and beef heart. Occasional live feeders can be given as a supplement.

The Chaca was one thought to be the only member of its genus. In recent years, biologists have separated this fish into three different species based on the geographic region it comes from and small differences like the number of dorsal spines. All three species look and act basically identical apart from these small changes.


F90 0022 0322
That Fish Place
Common NameFrogmouth Catfish
Scientific NameChaca chaca
Max Size (in inches)8
Community SafeNo
pH Range6.0-8.0
Min Tank Size (in gallons)55
Temperature Range72-76
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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