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Blackspot Tuskfish - Choerodon schoenleinii

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Tuskfish are closely related to wrasses and behave in much the same manner, though most are relatively docile with equal or larger sized tankmates. They will prey on smaller fish and inverts such as starfish, urchins, shrimp and crabs. While they may overturn or damage a colony while searching for food, tuskfish do not actively eat corals.

Tuskfish are not normally picky eats and should be given a variety of meaty frozen or freeze-dried foods. Newly introduced fish may take some time to become acclimated and begin eating however; be sure that a more shy tuskfish is being given a chance to eat and is not being outcompeted by other tankmates. Tuskfish are solitary and territorial and should not be housed in groups.
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Common NameBlackspot Tuskfish
Scientific NameChoerodon schoenleinii
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Puerto Rico

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