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Sieve Cichlid - Cichlasoma grammodes - Small

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Sieve Cichlids are referred to as several different genus names, some previously accepted, and others debated to be the current genus. They have been debated as Nandopsis, Cichlasoma and Parapetenia. They are attractive fish, with pale green base color, red-orange spots, and an irregular black stripe along the mid-line.

This fish is very aggressive, and even more so when spawning. Keep one in a tank with other aggressive Centrals, or an established pair by themselves in a large aquarium.

Feed them a variety of foods including pellets, frozen krill, frozen silversides, and the occasional live earthworms. Tank decor should include rocks, caves, driftwood, and other shelters. Open swimming area is important, too. This species is a substrate spawner.
Common NameSieve Cichlid - Small
Scientific NameCichlasoma grammodes
OriginCentral America
Max Size (in inches)8
Community SafeNo
pH Range7.0-8.0
Min Tank Size (in gallons)75
Temperature Range76-82

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