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Seven Stripe Frontosa - Cyphotilapia frontosa - Juvenile

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Cyphotilapia frontosa, the closely related Cyphotilapia gibberosa and their variants are some of the most popular and largest of the Tanganyikan cichlids. They can grow up to a foot in length and are best kept in groups so a large tank is required into adulthood. They hunt smaller fish at night and should not be kept with very small fish; they are best kept in a species-only tank with others of their own kind (including their own regional variant to avoid crossbreeding).

Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika can be divided into several main varieties. Some of the most popular are the shell-dwellers and torpedo-like bottom-dwellers from the genera Lamprologus, Neolamprologus, Altolamprologus and Julidochromis. These fish are very similar and the sceintific classification of some, especially the Neo/Alto/Lamprologus cichlids, have been reclassified often in recent years. Cichlids from the Cyprichromis and Paracyprichromis genera are open-water sardine-like fish usually found in schools in their native lake. Tropheus cichlids and the Frontosa's from genus Cyphotilapia are popular large cichlids that seem beastly in comparison to the tiny Lamps and Julies. Other types of Tanganyikan cichlids in(more...)
Common NameSeven Stripe Frontosa - Juvenile
Scientific NameCyphotilapia frontosa
OriginLake Tanganyika (Africa)
Max Size (in inches)15
Community SafeYes, with extreme caution (African cichlids only)
pH Range8.2-9.2
Min Tank Size (in gallons)150
Temperature Range76-80

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