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Dwarf Green Pike Cichlid - Crenicichla compressiceps

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Pike cichlids from the genus Crenicichla range in size from three-inch "dwarf pikes" to large fish over a foot in length. Many of the 100+ species top out around 6-8 inches in length but all share a common behavior, diet and care. Pike cichlids are fairly peaceful towards other fish as long as they are too large to eat but become aggressive towards other pike cichlids. They may occassionally become aggressive towards other fish but usually tolerate tankmates in an appropriately-sized aquarium. They can be reclusive in a crowded aquarium or with sparse furnishing; provide plety of room and cover like plants and caves to encourage them to be more active.

These cichlids are carnivores and should have a varied meaty diet. Some will accept pellets (or flakes, for very small fish) with time but foods like feeder shrimp, frozen shrimp, various worms and similar items are also appropriate. Feeder fish can be given occassionally if needed but do not provide enough nutrition as a primary diet.
Common NameDwarf Green Pike Cichlid
Scientific NameCrenicichla compressiceps
Max Size (in inches)4
Community SafeYes, with caution
pH Range6.5-7.0
Min Tank Size (in gallons)55
Temperature Range78-82

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