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Electric Catfish - Malapterurus electricus

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Electric Catfish should be kept alone in a species-only tank. The tank must be grounded using a titanium grounding probe. While not fatal to healthy adults, the shock can be painful and numbing. An aquarist with a pacemaker should use extra caution around these animals. The current produce is most similar to DC (Direct Current) rather than the more dangerous AC (Alternating Current).

Electric Catfish feed on inverts and small fish. They should be given a varied diet of frozen, freeze-dried and prepared foods, but live items can be given as a supplement and to promote a feeding response if necessary.


Common NameElectric Catfish
Scientific NameMalapterurus electricus
OriginAfrica- Nile, Niger and Volta rivers
Community SafeNo
pH Range6.5 - 8.2
Temperature Range74 - 85

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico

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