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Stubby Golden Trevally - Gnathanodon speciosus - Captive Bred

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The Golden Trevally is also known as the Golden Jack or Pilotfish. They are more commonly known to fishermen than to aquarists and can grow very large. Trevally's are active swimmers and need a very open tank with lots of swimming room. They will eat meaty foods, including inverts, but will not usually bother corals or fish that are too large to fit in their mouth.

Proaquatix is well known within the aquarium hobby for offering a unique selection of captive bred clownfish as well as other aquarium offerings such as basslets, gobies and other ornamental livestock. Operating out of Florida, their mission is to offer their ornamentals in an effort to reduce human impact on natural populations. We are proud to offer Proaquatix captive bred marine ornamentals as part of our selection for your aquarium.
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Common NameStubby Golden Trevally - CB
Scientific NameGnathanodon speciosus
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Puerto Rico

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