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Chinese Algae Eater - Gyrincocheilos aymonieri - Large

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The Chinese Algae Eater is one of the most commonly seen "algae eaters" in the aquarium hobby. The body is brown on top and white on the bottom with a broken black band that runs horizontally down the flanks of the fish.

Despite the name, however, these fish are not true algae eaters and require a diet of both meaty and vegetable foods. The sucker-like mouth is actually an adaptation for maintaining a grip on rocks in the fast flowing waters from which it originated. They also use this mouth to rasp algae from the surface of rocks, glass, and plants. They will also scavenge extra food from the bottom of the tank.

As Chinese Algae Eaters get older they favor a more carnivorous diet and can become more aggressive. They can especially be a problem with long finned or delicate fish.


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Common NameChinese Algae Eater - Lg
Scientific NameGyrincocheilos aymonieri
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Puerto Rico


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