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Large Spot Cichlid - Paratilapia polleni (bleekeri) - Large Adult

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Madagascar is home to several species of unique and beautiful cichlids, many of which are rare or endangered due to habitat destruction and non-native species introduction.

"Paratilapia bleekeri" was once thought to be a regional color variant of or possibly a seperate species than P. polleni, the Small Spot Cichlid. It is often confused with P. polleni, which has much smaller spots, and does not grow to be as large as the Large Spot Cichlid. Coloration is very similar, but "Paratilapia bleekeri" is black with larger pale blue and yellow spots all over. Although these two fish are very closely related, they should not be mixed. "Paratilapia bleekeri" is thought to be extinct in the wild.

This fish is somewhat aggressive, particularly with other Paratilapia sp. cichlids. Tank decor can consist of driftwood, rocks, plants, and a soft substrate. Feed them a variety of foods, basic flake or pellet and occasional frozen meaty foods. This fish is a cave spawner.
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Common NameLarge Spot Cichlid - Lg Adult
Scientific NameParatilapia polleni (bleekeri)
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