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Gecko Loach - Homalopteroides smithi

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Loaches are generally shy fish at first, but will usually become bolder once they are familiar with their surroundings. They are best kept in small groups of about three to six fish. They will usually spend less time hiding when they are kept with others of their own kind. Provide hiding places such as driftwood, plants, and rock crevices. Many are active more at night but may come out during the day if given plenty of room and cover.

Loaches prefer live foods such as worms and snails (including the nuisance snails common in many planted aquariums), but they will also accept frozen and pelleted foods without much trouble. Try a thin slice of cucumber and other veggies, too. Feeding time is entertaining as these loaches will engage in some harmless bickering over favorite foods.

Like many other loaches, these fish are scaleless, and so are more sensitive to medications and other chemicals in the water. They are also sensitive to cooler water temperatures. Maintaining the water within the specified temperature range will help to avoid stress and other complications.


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Common NameGecko Loach
Scientific NameHomalopteroides smithi
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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