Mealworms - 1000 ct

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**The 1000-count may be comprised of different sizes. If you have a preference (small, medium, or large), please contact the Customer Service department to place your order at 888-842-8738.**

Mealworms grow quickly at higher temperatures, but cooler temperatures will slow their growth rate. They can be kept in wheat bran, oats, powdered baby food, and tropical fish flakes with banana skins as moisture.

For many species it is best to feed only newly-molted mealworms or pupae due to their thick exoskeleton. Mealworms should be used sparingly, as diets rich in these beetle larvae have been linked to intestinal blockages. Stories of mealworms or superworms burrowing their way out of a reptile are nothing more than urban legend, as the chewing action and powerful digestive enzymes of the stomach quickly kill any insects swallowed alive.


Common NameLarge Mealworms - 1000 ct.

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