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Chili Coral - Nephthyigorgia sp. - Small

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Chili Coral (Nephthyigorgia sp.) tends to form small colonies on shady reef slopes. The tissue is usually some shade of red, orange or purple with white polyps that extend to feed. Colonies typically stay under about six inches in height and do best when in a shaded area or even hung upside-down in a cave or under a ledge. Chili Coral is non-photosynthetic and does not require lighting to thrive. and must be fed fine particulate invert food in the home aquarium. They prefer moderate to high flow.

Chili Coral is also known as Red Finger Coral, Devil's Hand, Chili Sponge, Strawberry Coral and several other common names. The scientific identity of this coral is also debated. Many sources list Chili Coral as Alcyonium sp., and others list Alcyonium sp. as a "Colt Coral". Alcyonium sp. corals are generally white, tan or bluish corals from temperate regions while Nephthyigorgia sp. corals like this Chili Coral are spiny in texture, from tropical Indo-Pacific reefs, and is generally darker red, orange or purple.
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Common NameChili Coral - Small
Scientific NameNephthyigorgia sp.
Water MovementModerate to High
Light IntensityNone to Low
DifficultyEasy to Moderate
Specific Gravity Range1.022-1.026
pH Range8.0-8.4
Temperature Range75-78
Water Hardness8-12 dKH
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State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico

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