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Redstriped Eartheater - Geophagus surinamensis - Adult

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The Redstriped Earthwater (Geophagus surinamensis) has the sloping forehead characteristic of this genus and a silver-gold body that often has a small black spot on the center of each side. The irises of the eyes are red in front of and behind the pupil and the body has faint alternating reddish and bluish stripes. The fins may also have red and blue markings, especially in mature adults.

The Eartheater cichlids have mostly all come from the Geophagus genus (in Latin, Geo- meaning "earth" and -phagus meaning "eating") but some have been since reclassified into related genera like Satanoperca and Gymnogeophagus. They can range from three to twelve inches in length though most are around six to seven inches. The common names comes from their habit of scooping up mouthfuls of the sandy substrate in their environment, sifting through it for any prey within and expelling the sand through their gill openings. They are best kept in aquariums with sandy bottoms and sparse furnishings like driftwood; their natural environments are not typically planted and plants may be uprooted.

All species are generally peaceful with fish of a similar size and temperament but may prey on very small tankmates. All species are omnivores - eating both meaty and plant-based foods - though larger species tend to eat a higher proportion of meaty foods than small species. Feed them a variety of foods, including frozen meaty items, flakes and pellets with ocassional plant-based supplements like Spirulina-based foods. Most Eartheaters are substrate spawners and biparental mouthbrooders, meaning both parents will take the young in their mouth for protection.


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Common NameRedstriped Eartheater - Adult
Scientific NameGeophagus surinamensis
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