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Archer Fish - Toxotes jaculatrix

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Archer Fish are brackish water fish that inhabit coastal waters in their native range. They are silver fish with large eyes located close to the mouth, and a series of large black blotches on the upper half of the body. The belly is lighter, and juveniles usually have yellow areas between the dark markings. The fins are tinged with yellow, and the dorsal and ventral fins have black tips.

Archerfish are famed for their ability to "shoot" insects down by spitting little jets of water. They travel in "shooting parties", and will all shoot for the same prey, and rush to be the first to get it when it falls. Archer fish also capture prey by leaping out of the water and grabbing it from its perch on an overhanging leaf or stick.

Though they can reach a maximum size of about 12 inches, they rarely exceed 10 inches in captivity. They can be kept in community tanks with most other large brackish fish. Archerfish will accept most flake and pellet food and should be treated to some live crickets 1 or 2 times a week.


F90 0022 0540
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Common NameArcher Fish
Scientific NameToxotes jaculatrix
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Puerto Rico


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