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Ultra Color Polyp Rock - XSmall

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The photos here are representative only and actual color and appearance will vary. For more information on the pieces currently available, contact the Livestock Mailorder Department directly at 877-367-4377.

Zoanthid and Palythoa polyps are the collector's items of the reef trade. Many different color varieties and combinations exist and are sought after within the trade. They are easy to frag and can spread to cover a surface rapidly under the proper conditions.

Polyps' requirements can vary depending on the variety. More brightly colored colonies can require higher light than more subdued polyps. All are also filter feeders and can be target-fed with meaty foods like zooplankton and baby brine shrimp. They should have moderate flow to carry food to and waste away from the polyps.

Zoanthid and Palythoa polyps secrete a toxin known as "palytoxin". This substance is known as one of the most powerful and dangerous toxins in nature, but a reaction beyond a mild skin rash is very rare. Avoid coming into contact with polyps for prolonged periods or with any open cuts or wounds; the use of gloves when handling your polyps is recommended.


F93 0045 0317
That Fish Place
Common NameUltra Color Polyp Rock - XSmall
Scientific Namevarious species
pH Range8.0-8.4
Temperature Range75-78
Specific Gravity Range1.022-1.026
Water Hardness8-12 dKH
AggressivenessLow to Moderate
Light IntensityModerate to High
DifficultyEasy to Moderate
Water MovementModerate
Internal Id


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