Vampire Tetra - Hydrolycus scomberoides - Small

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The Vampire Tetra (Hydrolycus scomberoides) is also known as the Saber Tooth Tetra or Saber Tooth Barracuda, names that are given to this fish due to the two long fang-like teet often protruding from the front of its mouth. The mouth is also lined with a full jaw of smaller teeth, all combining to give this fish its fearsome appearance and reputation. It is also known as the "Payara" in its native region in South America although this name can refer to several very similar species.

Despite its toothy name and appearance, the Vampire Tetra is actually fairly peaceful with tankmates too large to be eaten. They are best kept alone due to their large adult size and messy feeding habits, but they can be kept with large peaceful tankmates if the tank is large enough.

Feeding can be difficult as Vampire Tetras may only accept live foods when introduced into the tank. They should be weaned onto frozen or freeze-dried meaty foods if possible for better health and nutritional value.

Since these fish are native to rivers and streams, they should have ample water flow and high dissolved oxygen. They are usually safe with plants but should have plenty of open swimming room in the tank. They may jump from the tank if startled so a tight-fitting secure lid is recommended.


Common NameVampire Tetra - Small
Scientific NameHydrolycus scomberoides
OriginSouth America
Max Size (in inches)46
Community SafeNo
pH Range6.5-7.5
Min Tank Size (in gallons)300
Temperature Range75-82
DifficultyModerate to High

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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