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Quetzal Cichlid - Vieja synspila - Adult

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Formerly referred to as Amphilophus synspilum, this is a very large and somewhat aggressive cichlid for the home aquarium. Males develop deep red coloration on their face and gill region, as well as a large hump on their foreheads. Females are slightly more delicate in build, and have golden brown, black speckled bodies with varying amounts of red patching.

Vieja cichlids are some of the more aggressive Central American cichlids. They grow large - especially adult males - and need a large aquarium with plenty of room and territory. The aquarium also needs ample filtration to handle the waste produced by the large fish. These fish are omnivores and should be fed a varied diet of meaty foods with some plant matter - appropriately-sized pellets (or flakes for small juveniles) can be supplemented with frozen and fresh foods on occassion.
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Common NameQuetzal Cichlid - Adult
Scientific NameVieja synspila
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