API Accu-Clear - 8 oz.

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Cloudy water is formed by tiny particles, too small for aquarium filters to remove. Accu-Clear causes the tiny particles to clump together, forming larger particles that are removed by the aquarium filter, restoring your water to a crystal clear condition. This product is safe for both freshwater fish and plants only
Package Size8 oz.
Treats up to2370 gal.
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Click here to download the MSDS sheet from the manufacturer's website.
Add 2 drops of Accu-Clear for each U.S. gallon of aquarium water. For larger aquariums, add one teaspoonful for every 50 U.S. gallons. Do not overdose. Water will clear within several hours. If second dose is necessary , wait 24 hours.

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Seems to work very good 👍


This stuff works well. I added it a few times to my cloudy fishtank and now my tank is clear. I fully recommend this product.