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African Cichlid Rift Lake Trace Elements - 16 oz.

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This product replace biologically important trace minerals which are used by fish and plants and removed through filtration in African Cichlid and other Rift Lake fish aquariums. Also will benefit most American Cichlids whose native waters are hard and have a pH above 7.8. Contains no detrimental heavy metals, phosphates or nitrates.
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Calcium chloride, chromium chloride, cobalt chloride, copper sulfate, ferric chloride, lithium chloride, nickel chloride, potassium chloride, potassium iodine, sodium edta, sodium metavanadate, sodium molybdate, sodium selenate, strontium chloride and zinc chloride. Use this product weekly to maintain trace minerals levels which will be depleted by fish and plants and by carbon, resin and pad filtration.

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Keeps you cichlids healthy


I've been using this product for years, adding it with each water change. I'd have to say that it works great seeing as I started with 7 Malawi cichlids (Red Zebra, Dwarf Afra and Yellow Lab), and now I have nearly 60.