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Isopods - A. granulatum

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Live feeder items are only available for pickup at our Lancaster, PA retail store and are not offered for shipping.

Isopods (also known as Sowbugs, Roly Poly's, or Pill Bugs) are crustaceans and provide a variety of nutrients not found in most feeder insects alone. They can also be used as "clean-up crews" with some animals like frogs (although the Isopods may be eaten at smaller sizes or with larger tankmates) or for controlling mold in Tarantula enclosures. Cultures can be purchased, or you can collect them below rocks, rotten logs, and leaf litter.

A breeding colony can be established in an aquarium containing 3-4 inches of moist coconut husk and topsoil. They will grow quickly on a diet of tropical fish flakes, leaf litter, coffee grounds, and fruit or vegetable peels.

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