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The Ant Guard from Woodstream effectively drives ants away from your Hummingbird feeder! Ants are naturally drawn to the sweet nectar used in your feeder. Hanging your feeder from the Ant Guard keeps them away for the entire season. A treated disc inside the Ant Guard contains active ingredients that will repel ants and leave the nectar to your backyard birds! Easy to use and install.

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Active Ingredients: Zeta-cypermethrin 10%, Piperonyl Butoxide 20%.
To Install: First clean your hummingbird feeder and add fresh nectar according to the manufacturer's instructions. Next, remove AntGuard from package and extend lower baffle. Attach the AntGuard below the hanging hook and above the hummingbird feeder. AntGuard starts working immediately; all ant activity should stop within 24 hours. Under normal conditions, AntGuard will give a full season of any control.

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