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A primary need of any aquarium hobbyist is a simple, safe method of saving baby fish. After years of research, Penn-Plax has designed a unit to accomplish this purpose: Aqua-Nursery. The beauty of the Aqua-Nursery is that it is a completely automatic system. Once it is set up in place, there's nothing further to do until the fish are born and deposited into their seperate nursery section. While it is providing this service, the Aqua-Nursery also creates a constant circulation in both the maternity and the nursery sections. This eliminates the problems of stagnant water existing in most other breeding traps, and keeps the mother and the babies alive. The Aqua-Nursery will do its job quietly and confidently with no effort on your part.


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4 reviews

automatic circulating hatchery


This is the best "baby saver" I have ever used - fool proof - Momma fishe cannot eat babies because gentle current pulls the babies away from her and into seprate chamber .

LOVE the Aqua Nursery


The 1st one I ordered arrived missing a part. I made a call to the seller & they quickly shipped me a replacement at no charge & let me keep what I already had for replacement parts. Excellent customer service! I was very impressed. This nursery is the BEST out of all that I have tried. I works excellent exactly as they said it would. Babies are gently swooped into the little baby tank. I came in to check on them this morning and found a little surprise! About 35 little buggers looking at me with their big eyes. Momma was safe on the other side resting after her busy night. It was very easy to remove the baby container and transport it to my baby tank. It holds some water so the babies don't get traumatized. This does require a small air pump that i had to purchase separately, but it was well worth the $$$. This is worth TEN stars!!!!

Aqua Nursery


Best nursery out there, safest for babies, easy to use

worst nursery


I got this nursery and the one TOM w/filter at the same time. Well I needed to use both last night as I have a few pregnant fish and sick fish so I needed to isolate them fast so I put the Aqua-Nursery in the tank and it was difficult to try to get it secured to the side of the tank trying to bend the clips to form to the aquarium frame.. I wish they used suction cups to make securing it to the aquarium glass which would be way better. So now the nursery sits slanted in the water and because it doesn't sit level the side chamber that collects the fry just floats away. With the TOM nursery it was up in seconds no problems and works great plus the chamber is much bigger the Aqua-Nursery.....So if I would not purchase this item in its current form, if they make some changes to the design and attachment issue then if you looking for better bang for your dollar then buy the TOM nursery works better..
<br>I am only giving the Aqua-Nursery a half star because I have to give it something in order to submit this review, otherwise it would be 0 stars, because it didn't work as it promotes in its description.