AquaClear 70 Power Filter - Up to 70 gal.

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Manufacturer: AquaClear
MPN: A615

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The AquaClear 70 aquarium filter provides biological, chemical and mechanical filtration and was designed for easy use and maintenance. AquaClear Filter media is contained in a convenient filter media basket to hold your filter media in place and make it easy to replace when the time comes. The foam filter insert provides a large surface area for debris and waste retention and beneficial bacterial colonization. AquaClear filters include media cartridges to get you started. AquaClear insert may be rinsed and reused, or replaced when necessary. Pre-measured Activated Carbon AquaClear Inserts eliminate hassle: just rinse and drop in. The premium research quality carbon removes organic compounds and odors.

For more information on Power Filters, please see power aquarium filter basics


Includes MediaCarbon Bag, Filter Foam, Bio Max
Flow Rate300 gph
Power Cord Length6 ft.
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
UL ListedYes
Max Tank Size70 gal.
Length8.5 in.
Width6 in.
Height8 in.
Internal Id


Click here to download the instruction manual from Hagen's website.

Aquaclear 70, fomerly Aquaclear 300


Pros: Reusable sponge filter, great flow , circulates surface water very well.

Cons: The lid and housing sometimes resonate, and the media basket likes to raise, lifting the cover.

Aquaclear 70


I've had this filter now for about 7 years. It runs 24hrs 365 days a year. I have never had a problem with this filter. I run two of these filters for my 90gal tank. It does get a break once a month when I clean it. That shows you how reliable they are. I like the fact that I can change what filter media I use. With the stackable media I can easily pull the basket, and change the carbon out if I'm medicating the tank. I read one review where the media basket floats and lifts the lid off. That is a design of the filter which means the filters are clogged,and its time for a cleaning. Its to safeguard the motor, and keep it from burning up. There is nothing wrong with the filter try cleaning it. I do agree that the cover does tend to vibrate and make a rattling noise. I put a small bead of silicon around the top of the filter to stop the noise. I was using a small rock on top of the lid to eliminate the noise. I also have aquaclear 50's filters, and they do not do this. These are one of the best filters I've ever owned.

Aqua clear 70


I love this filter. I use one on a 55 gal African cichlid tank and it does wonderfully. The design is like having a canister filter in hang on form. You can put whatever type of filter media you like in the unit and you don't need to get stuck in the cycle of buying specific filter bags or cartridges.

Yes they are a little bit more expensive but they are definitely worth the extra money. They are extremely sturdy and beefy filters. They do run a little noisy but this is easily remedied. The filter is quiet but the water return is a little bit higher causing some noise.

The previous comments about the basket rising is true in that they will rise but this is in my experience only because the filter sponge(which can be reused basically until it physically falls apart) needs cleaned.

Auquaclear 70


I've had this filter for about 6 hours. Yes, I said, HOURS! And I'm returning it.
First the good news.
1) It is POWERFUL! The flow creates incredible turbulance in the water, like a waterfall!
2) It statrs up and the motors is very quiet.

Now the bad news;
1) The waterfall effect, is so noisey it drives me out of the room! I cannot stand listening to the splash, splash, splash!!
Some may like the sound of a waterfall in their livingrooms,..not me!

A Good Filter


This has been a pretty good power filter. It is a lot more quiet than Whisper, Aqueon. Emperor and the penguin. It keeps the water fairly clear. I run two filters on my 75 gallon freshwater tank. The only down side is it is a bit hard to clean.
The media basket is larger than a dinner plate so you will need a basin or loaf pan to carry the filter basket to the cleaning area in my case the patio.

bing bang boom


this is the best power filter that you can buy. aquaclears have the highest flow rates. you can also replace the carbon (lasts 1 month) with chemi-pure (can last 6 months). once you do that, you are just rinsing the sponge for the next six months and not changing cartridges every 4 weeks.

total garbage


had it 3 months very noisy replaced impeller and that did nothing. plus it fills the tank with bubbles if the tank water level isn't very high. gonna have to replace it with a hydor canister filter.

Aquaclear power filter


Great filter but the sponge gets clogged up every 3 to 4 days. I removed the sponge and replaced it with a more porous filter media. I cut it to size and layered it 3 deep. It's silent and does the job, Every week I remove the pads and shake them out against the sides of a bucked. Do not rinse them off as this will remove beneficial bacteria. Then put the 3 pads back in first,then a carbon bag and an ammonia removing bag and good to go. Don't forget every week to do your 10% water change.