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API Aquarium Salt - 65 oz.

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Aquarium Salt for freshwater fish provides essential electrolytes fish need to reach peak coloration and vitality. To maintain optimal fish health, Aquarium Salt improves gill function, reduces stress, improves osmoregulation and speeds disease recovery. The salt is all natural and is made from evaporated sea water.

Questions about freshwater aquarium salt? Check out our blog article on aquarium salt.

This product cannot be shipped to Canada.

Package Size65 oz.
Makes434 gal.
Sodium chloride.
Add 1 rounded tablespoon for ever 5 U.S. gallons or 1/2 rounded teaspoon for every U.S. gallon of aquarium water.

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Good product


Love it

Aquarium/Pond salt


As always great price and very fast delivery. This applies to all the products they sell. I use That fish Place for 100% of my pond needs!

very good


great price, quick delivery

Good Stuff


I use a little less than the package recommends because I have a planted tank. Keeps my fish healthy and doesn't hurt the plants. Buy the large size...it doesn't go bad and you will need it for water changes.



More cheaper here...

Great product and great price!


This sure helps with any fish diseases and I have used salt in the aquarium water for years! Great product!!

Use salt for healthy fish


After my first (and only) outbreak of ick 10-15 years ago, I started adding this salt to help them recover. It is no coincidence that my fish have been healthy and disease free since then. Salt adds needed electrolytes and boosts the immune system of freshwater fish. I use about half of the amount reccomended on the package, with terrific results! I highly reccomend this product.

Aquarium salt


I have been putting a teaspoon of this per gallon every time I change the water in my fresh water tank. Since starting this, I have NOT had any fish diseases in my tank (years now). The fish seem very healthy and I have very little issues with my tank.

Every fish needs salt


All fish need the electrolytes that salt provides. I use this on all my fresh water tanks using the directions on the label. My fish are healthy and live for many years.