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Aquatic Gardener Maintenance Tool - 27.25 in.

5 Reviews


Aquarium maintenance has just been made easier. Two interchangeable attachments make planting, cleaning, re-decorating, and other tank maintenance chores easy and fun. Don't get your shirt sleeve soaked again.


Koller Craft
Length27.25 in.
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews



I like it for not having to put my arm in the tank every time, but it is very cheasy

You get what you pay for.


I wasn't expecting much at this price so I'm not disappointed. It does pick up stuff from the bottom of the tank, but when planting, tends to pull the plant back out when removing the tool.

Not as Useful as Hoped


There are two significant problems; First, the jaws of the Aquatic Gardener do not open wide enough to get a grip on many decorations or the base of most artificial aquarium plants. The jaws only open enough to grasp an object about the size of a standard glass marble. Second, when being used for planting it is extremely difficult to release the plant without uprooting it, which limits the tool's usefulness to moving only very small objects and probing.
<br>There is another issue in that the tool is hinged in the middle for shipping and once the tool is extended and the hinge locked in place, the tool cannot be folded again. This makes storage of the tool problematic because of its 27-inch length.
<br>I did not use the scissor attachment, which if more functional than the grabbing attachment might justify the purchase of the tool for trimming live plants in an aquarium. Someone else will have to address this in a review.
<br>Overall, it is an interesting design, but more thought needs to go into the tool’s ability to grasp and release objects commonly found in most aquariums. Since I did not test or use the scissor attachment, I cannot justify failing the tool completely, which is why I rate it with two-stars. If the scissor tool works as poorly as the grabbing attachment the tool would have to be rated as a one-star.
<br>I would not recommend this tool.

Gardening device


So far it works well. When planting a fake plant I grab it and push it down, then close the jaws and push it again.

Aquatic Gardener Maintenance Tool-27.25 in.


The tool works pretty good it moves plants and objects in the tank. I haven't had a problem with it.