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Aquatop Submersible Heater - 100W - 10.5 in. - Up to 25 gal.

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Aquatop's Submersible Heaters are compact, durable and ideal for keeping temperature in any tropical fresh or salt water aquarium. Made with high quality insulated glass and advanced heating elements. The heater comes with suction cup brackets for easy placement and includes an adjustable temperature knob. Temperature range is 65-93 degrees F.

The 100w model is 10.5 in. long and good for aquariums up to 25 gallons.

For more information please read our article Fish Tank Heaters.


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aquatop heater


works great but very hard to turn and very long. I have this in a 10 gallon tank at the moment and it works great in there. I had it in a 20L tank and it could not keep up, but in my 10g it is almost perfect, cannot place horizontally in tank and 10 gallon is almost not deep enough.