Aquatop Weighted Sponge Filter - Up to 10 gal.

SKU: 265298
Manufacturer: Aquatop
MPN: 003449

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Aquatop's Weighted Sponge Filters are simple to use, very easy to clean and highly effective. The foam material is designed to remove fish waste and debris and enhance the growth of beneficial biological bacterial, improving overall water quality in your aquarium. Great for all applications, including breeding or hospital tanks. Sponge filters can be powered by an air pump or power head. To clean just simply remove the sponge and rinse with non-chlorinated water.

The CAF-10 model is rated for aquariums up to 10 gallons.

For more information on sponge filters, please read our article on Sponge Aquarium Filter Basics.


Includes MediaYes
Warranty30 days
UL ListedNo
Max Tank Size10 gal.
Length2 in.
Width2 in.
Height3 in.
Internal Id

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

Great Product


This "little "sponge filter works very well and allows me to use it in small (2.5 gal) tank. It is well made and provides great aereation (sp?).

Hope Floats


I keep fancy guppies and was looking for a little extra filtration for the guppy-fry tanks and this filter looked like a good answer. Unfortunately, this filter has a basic problem; it floats and does not sit on the bottom—even when gravel is piled around it. I tried replacing the stones used for weights in the canister with other pebbles and nothing in my substantial fish keeping arsenal would solve the problem.

The filter seems well made; I only wish it worked as well as it looks. I would have given it one star because it doesn’t work in my situation, but some fish keepers probably won’t mind having it float around their aquariums.

Sponge filter


Works great



Does it come with a air pump or power head?

<i><b>That Fish Place: Hi Ray! Thanks for checking in with us. This item is just the Air Filter, you would need to get an air pump or power head to run the filter. For that size, we would recommend the <a href="" class="copylink">Whisper 10 Air Pump</a> or the <a href="" class="copylink">Aqua Clear 20 Power Head</a>. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!</b></i>

Only issue


Great filter, only issue is that it floats. I had to use aquarium decorations to to keep it under the water.



A little tip to those who say their filter floats. I had the same problem until I squeezed the foam when submersed in aquarium and then filter settled right where I wanted.