Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer - 50 ft.

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Manufacturer: Aqueon
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Take all the hassle out of routine aquarium water changes and gravel cleaning with this water change kit. Each kit includes a durable plastic gravel vacuum with an attachable hose; as well as an easy faucet connector kit for attaching your vacuum and water changer directly to your home faucet. Design is durable for years of use. Simple flow valve allows you to switch quickly from a gravel vacuum to a water changer. Special splash control helps reduce dirty water splashing in the sink. No more dragging heavy buckets throughout your house; keep it simple with the Aqueon Water Changer!

May not fit all faucets. Check for compatibility or if Aquarium Water Changer Faucet Adapter is needed.

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To vacuum:

1. Attach water flow assembly to faucet using faucet adapter.
2. Submerge gravel tube in aquarium water.
3. Turn on faucet to begin siphon.
4. When vacuuming is complete, close gravel tube valve and turn off faucet.

To fill: Close water flow assembly valve and open gravel tube valve. Do not leave hose under pressure.

To recycle water: Unscrew bell and attach tubing from Aqueon 20 ft. Extention Kit (not included) to recycle waste water for grass, plants, and vegetation.

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Must have


This is a must have. I recently changed the water in two of my tanks quickly and easily. My tanks will be much healthier now as this device makes water changes so much easier.

Gets the job done!


I absolutely love this water changer - it really gets the job done in no time. My 14-year old son is using it for his 55-gal turtle/fish tank and it works very well. Easy to use, fast, no mess. I most definitely would recommend this product!

It works


I love the end part of it because there is not a cover on it. The end you hook up to the faucet leaks at the swivel part so much that you need to hang a cloth on it to keep water from spraying all over.

Customer Review


In general, this thing works great and does its job. My only criticism is that I thought the plastic faucet connectors seemed like they could break easily. I would prefer a brass fitting.<BR><br><i><B>That Fish Place: Hi LA, thanks for submitting a review. Aqueon packs the water changer with a plastic faucet connector, but they do offer a brass version separately:<BR><br><a href="" class="copylink"></a>.</i></b>